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Institutional members in the National College Baseball Hall of Fame:

University of Kansas - Coach Ritch Price
University of New Mexico - Coach Ray Birmingham
Northern Illinois University - Coach Ed Mathey

Individual members:

President's Circle - ($5,000.00+)
Triple Crown - ($1,000.00+)
Grand Slam - ($500.00+)

Triple Crown Members - ($1,000.00+)

Derek Tatsuno
Wayne Graham
Justin Dedeaux
Marsha and Jim Pfluger

Grand Slam Members - ($500.00+)

Cliff Gustafson
Dick Runchey
Skip Bertman
Scott Wilson
Holly and Randy Robbins
Dale Redman
Dale Williams
Tim Corbin
Bonnie and Paul Schwarzentraub
Mickey Rogers
Douglas Liebman
Steve Sawyers
Deaton Rigsby


The Hall of Famers