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In conjunction with MWM Architects, a firm based in Lubbock, we are nearing the end of the design development phase. This means that we are about to transition from the "drawings of our ideas" to the documents that will serve as the conversations between the architects, engineers and the actual people digging the holes and putting up the building.

Lee Lewis Construction, Inc. (LLCI), of Lubbock, is the general contractor for the project. An advantage of having selected the contractor at this point is that they can work with us throughout the project to assure some degree of cost certainty. Periodically throughout the design process, we will meet with MWM and LLCI to assure that we are in budget and on schedule.

The building will be built around a baseball field and will therefore have a "first-base side" and a "third-base side". A rotunda will greet the Hall of Fame visitor and will be situated in the area behind home plate. The first-base side will contain a rentable space or banquet hall in which we can hold special events, as well as a catering kitchen and a space for artifact storage. The third-base side will house the actual Hall of Fame, which will include a theater, children's interactive, exhibits, the Hall of Fame gallery and a gift shop.

The field will be of a regulation size with 90-foot basepaths with an outfield fence roughly 315 feet down the foul lines and 400 feet to center field. It will be scalable for youth play with multiple base anchors and a portable mound. The field is intended for youth play on which we will host tournaments and will accommodate seating for about 800-900. We would prefer to have a field-turf surface so as to minimize the staffing necessary to conduct tournaments.

The field will have a separate entrance from the museum. This will allow for multiple activities to be ongoing at the same time at the facility. A game can be ongoing outside with visitors in the Hall of Fame and a luncheon in the banquet facility. Separate restrooms will exist for the indoor and outdoor spaces, and a concession area will be available for fans attending games, as well.

As mentioned earlier, we are still in the design development phase, so the plans can most certainly change. However, the design we are working with allows for multiple uses and will facilitate facility rentals, field usage and provide a quality experience for Hall of Fame visitors.

The Hall of Famers