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Semifinalists announced for Pitcher of the Year
Two Oregon State pitchers populate list of 10 award candidates


LUBBOCK, Texas -- The list of players still in the running for the Pitcher of the Year Award, presented by the National College Baseball Hall of Fame, is down to 10 and includes two pitchers from one Pac-12 school.

The Pitcher of the Year Award, sponsored by Diamond, will be presented during the National College Baseball Hall of Fame's annual Night of Champions on June 28 in Lubbock, Texas.

"Diamond Sports is proud to present the National Pitcher of the Year Award," said Dave Pherrin of Diamond Sports. "We thrive on our high-quality baseballs, which have been known to be the ball of choice for collegiate pitchers everywhere. Pairing up with the Pitcher of the Year Award is a perfect match, and we wish all the semifinalists the best of luck."

Among the 10 semifinalists are Oregon State's Jace Fry and Ben Wetzler. Fry has an 11-1 record with a 1.43 ERA and 94 strikeouts in 113 2/3 innings. He also has four complete games heading into regional play.

Wetzler has a 0.76 ERA and an 11-1 record in 95 innings. He has 73 strikeouts and three complete games.

"There are nearly 300 teams that play Division I baseball, and to have two pitchers from the same school still in the running for this award, now that we're down to the top 10, says a lot about the quality of those guys and that entire pitching staff," said Chris Snead, award co-chair. "Both of them have great numbers and have been a key part of the success of their team."

Evansville's Kyle Freeland leads the top 10 in strikeouts with 128, followed closely by LSU's Aaron Nola, who has 127. Oklahoma State's Brendan McCurry has the lowest ERA of the top 10 at 0.42.

Michael Murray, a sophomore right-hander at Florida Gulf Coast, leads the list in wins at 13. He also set a school record for single-season wins.

"Each of the pitchers in the top 10 is tremendously talented," said Raymond Richardson, award co-chair. "A good case can be made for each of them to advance to the finalists and to be selected as the winner of the award. Any of these players is deserving of this type of recognition."

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